Here are a few regularly asked questions, though please feel to contact us with any more specific enquiries:

Q: How much does it cost to build a house?

A: There are many factors involved in pricing a house such as size, specification, location and build time. It would therefore be impossible to state a cost without knowing these, however, once we have some idea of these we can give a ball park figure.


Q: How long does it take to build a house?

A: Once plans have been drawn and planning has been granted (this can be very time consuming), from getting on site to completion should take between 7-9 months. This will depend on the complexity of the build and of course the time of year as weather can cause large delays. Beware of anybody telling you they can do it quicker and question the quality of the finised house.

Q: We have no gas where we live. What would you suggest for heating?

A: We would always suggest an Air Source Heat Pump or even a Ground Source if the garden space is available, but there are many units on the market and it is important to install the correct unit in order to get the most from the system and also any grants that may be available.

Q: I have some land I am thinking of selling, would you be interested?

A: We are happy to consider any land that may be for sale and advise on its development potential.

Q: Do you do renovations and extensions?

A: At present we do not undertake work for renovations or extensions and instead concentrate our efforts on new-build property only, however we are happy to offer names of trusted trades we use that can do the work for you.