Building Management Service

We can help you make your build less stressful, safer, higher quality and save you money on materials and labour by taking advantage of the trade rates we obtain through our business. In-fact, through effective time management, trade discounts and reduced build time our service almost works out free of charge. The build would be run to a schedule and every effort made to keep the costs below the set budget with no mark-up on materials or labour.



Our service would contain at least: 

  • Site Insurance
  • Performing materials 'take-off' for quantities
  • Obtaining quotes on labour and materials
  • Applying for relevant services (electric, water & sewer, BT, gas)
  • Organising/scheduling labour and delivery of materials
  • Liaising with Building Control and relevant warranty surveyors
  • Site Health and Safety, Welfare facilities and Waste Handling
  • Overseeing workmanship and product quality
  • Site Management
  • Managing payment of invoices and handling VAT

Where a traditional building company provides a price to build a home to your agreed specification and cost, there is always a compromise between what you actually wanted and what you end up with. With our management service you always remain in control of the finances. If you want to change your mind on something, that's fine, we will manage that and discuss the options that best suit you. Your home should not be a compromise, have what you want.