About Us

Mill House Homes Limited has been born out of a passion for building quality homes.

Having grown up on a building site in Exning, Andrew Garnett, the Director of Mill House Homes, has always had an interest in property. When the career path was chosen, instead of going to university on a seven year Architecture course, working for an IT firm writing computer software seemed the better option and enabled Andrew to buy his first house. Andrew worked in IT for 15 years and in that time progressed from Computer Programmer though Systems/Business Analyst to Project Manager. At the same time small scale property development was being undertaken with buying, improving and selling property, and inevitably Andrew started self-building. With the properties previously owned and improved or built and sold, valuable construction knowledge was being gained and combined with the project management skills and attention to detail, a desire to build better homes grew and grew.

The realisation that the need to build quality homes does exist as there are people who do recognise the inferior offerings of the mainstream builders, turned the dream into a reality, and Mill House Homes was born.